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About Us

PetFood program  is developed and distributed by TLT Link Pte Ltd.   The program  is developed in 2005.  It is designed for checking on the benefits of ingredients used in dry, wet, raw and cooked dog food.   It also showed the controversial ingredients used.

We do not sell foods and hence our opinions may differ from those of food manufacturers who gave only the good points about the ingredients used in their products. 

Opinions expressed in the program are those of individual contributors including investigative reporters and animal nutritionists.

We developed this program with only one  t hought in mind - to help pet owners to be better informed.  Ultimately  you are the guardians of your pets' health and must make a decision you are comfortable with.


Our Beloved Dog's Story

On the night of 15 December 2012, one of our beloved dogs, ,a female Siberian Husky called Judy died, putting her head on my lap.   I actually saw her gasping her last few breaths. 

It started about a week ago when she refused to eat for 3 days.  She was brought to the vet who had her X-rayed, then prescribed her with the following medicines: lactulose syrup, omeprazole and Mirtazapine Soltab. She recovered for a day and then suffered a relapse. She appeared to know that we loved her very much and would bark for attention.  Once I'm with her, she would stop her barking.  I have spent time with her during her final last week and treasured every moment I'm with her.  As she won't eat, I fed her with honey and milk even though the milk caused her diarrhea and I have to clean up each time she drank milk. we are now deeply saddened by her departure and would miss her dearly. She was cremated on 16 December 2012 and we kept her ashes in our home.

On 28 December 2012, I leatnt from an article by Dr.Becker the benefits of massage for terminally ill pets.  Massage can be used to increase their pets’ comfort and maintain a physical and emotional connection.  I remembered that just before my Judy passed away, I gave her a gentle massage on her back.  She must have felt very comfortable and thereby placed her head on my lap before passing on.   I actually saw her gasping for her last few breaths!

She is my friend, my partner, my defender, my dog.   I am her life, her love, her leader. She will be mine, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. I owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.