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How It Works

1)    If your computer does not have dBase Plus, you need to download the program from our website.  It consists of about 14.5 Mb.  Create a folder called "pf" or choose your own folder to download, save the programs.  For PetFood, the size of setup.exe is about 28.2 M.

2)   After downloading, first click on dBase Plus to install the program into your computer. Then click on setup.exe to activate the installation of PetFood into your computer hard disc or C-drive and the Start Menu.. You will need a password to install.  This password will be given to you.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  By default, PetFood will be installed into your computer C drive.  Remember to click on the box when asked whether you want to have an icon created on your desktop.  This makes it easier for you you to activate PetFood in future.

3)   You need not activate setup.exe each time you need to run the program.  Click on the desktop icon (PetFood) and it will prompt you to type the following:

Group Name:

User ID:


These will be given to you.

Once entered, you will be asked whether to accept our Policy Statement.  Click "Accept" and you can commence using the program.