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PetFood is a computer program used for checking on the beneficial and controversial ingredients used in commercial dog foods.

It shows the various types of dog food, such as dry, wet, cook, raw, etc. and the ingredients used.

We do not sell food products.  The opinions on ingredients given by us are therefore different from those given by food manufacturers.   They only give the good points about the ingredients used in their products, not the controversial views.

Do you know what are the beneficial ingredients for repelling fleas and ticks?

Many dog foods add varying amounts of synthetic forms of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate and claiming they promote good healthy joints.  Do you know which brand obtained the all important GAGs in an all natural stable form  to maintain good joint health?

Which ingredients are carcinogenic (cancer causing), causing heart, kidney, liver and diabetes issues?  Which are the cancer-fighting and diabetes control ingredients?

Which are the herbs and spices safe for dogs and which are not?

A true story - A dog was diagnosed with spleen tumor and its owner was told to bring him home to wait for its death in the next week.   The owner started feeding the dog an ingredrient each day and it lives till today, one year later and still going strong.  The tumour has disappeared.  We also feed that ingredient to our pets for health reasons.  Do you know what ingredient is that?

You can find answers to these questions and many others in the program.

The program includes ingredients found in dry dog foods like Addiction, Back to Basic, AvoDerm, Pinnacle, Solid Gold, Canidae, Nature's Variety, Nature's Recipe, Active Care, Orijen, Azmira, Eagle Pack, Nutra Gold. Natural Balance, Nature's Logic, Science Diet and many others.  Finding out which are the beneficial and controversial ingredients will assist you to choose the most appropriate commercial pet foods for your pet.

The program enables owners to help their dogs be healthier through proper nutritiional knowledge.  It teaches owners how to interpret dog food labels to enable them to make informed decisions. 

The program includes BARF Diet and Raw Meaty Bones Diet.  What's the difference and why bones are bad for your dogs and other common foods you feed your dogs but actually are harmful to them.

There are hundreds of dog foods out there.   Ninety over percent of these commercial dog foods are not beneficial to your pets as claimed by the manufacturers.  Do you know which are the really good ones that are healthiest for your pets and what ingredients they used?  Do you know that most of the commercial pet foods contain synthetic vitamins and minerals and that they are different from natural vitamins and minerals?  Which are the pet foods that provide nutrients derived from whole foods only?


What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors

The strongest selling point of the program which no books could match is its capability of indicating which pet food the beneficial ingredients are found and likewise for the controversial ingredients.

PetFood is the only software/program in the world for dog food ingredients.  . Others write e-books on dog food ingredients.

We have compiled a list of healthy dog foods that we are comfortable to feed our own dogs without hesitation.

The program is not only useful for pets, it is also applicable to humans.  Find out what are the healthful ingredients for the heart, kidney and liver and for illnesses like asthma, hypertension, arthritis and cancer and odour destroying ingredients.

The program can be used to operate in Windows XP, Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).  Please provide us with your name and email address for verification of purchase  purchase.   Our contact email is


PetFood - dog food Ingredients program

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