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If you send us a testimonial after purchasing the program, you can purchase any future updates with a 10 percent price discount.


1.   This is Andrew Pang.  After purchasing PetFood, I realized how useful the program is.  It shows all the negative aspects found in even super premium dog foods.  I never know that oven-baking plant-based ingredients like sweet potatoes and potatoes can formed the cancer-causing chemical called Acrylamide when heated to high temperatures above 250 deg. F.  This may be one of the cause of 1 in 3 dogs suffering from cancer in America.


2.   I bought the program PetFood and found it very easy to download from its webste.  I juust create my own folder to save the program and the dBase Plus as my computer does not have it.  Then I click on "setup.exe" on my folder and the program "PetFood" was installed into my computer at a location in my C drive. When I click on the box, it even created an icon on my desktop for easy access.  In future, just click on the PetFood icon  will activate the program for use.  Thank you PetFood for such a great program!

Anthony Chan


3.    I did not know that the program also carries many great articles, some applicable to humans (treating diabetes and cancer) and not just for dogs.  Also how strays are treated in Taiwan, Europe, Thaiiand, etc.

Mary Khoo


4.    From the list of species appropriate ingredients, I now know what to cook for my own dogs.  It's much healthier than eating commercial dog foods.  I now used commercial dog foods as standby only.

Daisy Tay


5.    I never realize that simple people food like mee siam, lontong, potato chips, french fries, etc. are bad for my dog.

John Lee


6.    This is Kat Koh.  I learned from PetFood, that unlike Oven-Baked and Extrusion, lightly cooked foods with temoeratures range between 170 and 205 deg.F will not formed the cancer-causing chemical Acrylamide.   This is to kill off harmful pathogens and at the same time retaining all the nutrients in the food.  Thanks for the info.  A great piece of research I must say.


7.     We as pet parents are now better informed because of PetFood and able to make decisions we are comfortable with for the health of our pets.

lrene Koh


9.     This is Jason Foo.   it's good to find the Notes under Details give explanations why that food is not selected to be within the healthful range.  I think pet food manufacturers should purchase this program to find out why they are not selected.


10.    I consider PetFood a new found gem.  Almost all ingredients in dog foods like dry, wet, cook, dehydrated, cold-pressed, raw, etc.  can be found, including human foods like laksa, lotong, fried bee hoon, etc.

Jean Koh